Artist Profile: Dave Dobbins – Meme Maker

By on May 22, 2016
Spelling errors aside this "meme" is still terrible.

“It all started one afternoon,” recalls artist Dave Dobbins from his creative bungalow/home in California Gully.

“I saw this science demonstration and they used liquid nitrogen, so I took a picture of the canister and added the line ‘As Cold As Your Heart’ and sent it to my ex.”

That was only the beginning as Mr Dobbins has been making what he calls memes ever since.

“I’ve had eight, nine, even twelve likes on Facebook, and almost half that many retweets.”

Some of his most popular work has included a meme about a cat falling from a tree with the caption: Don’t Hang in There, and one featuring ’90s rap icons Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Squidward from sort-of popular SpongeBob SquarePants television show.

“The Salt ‘n ‘Pepper ‘n Squid meme got favourited by Eric Stewart.”

Who’s Eric Stewart?

“He’s a big cheese in the meme world. Hmm, big cheese, that gives me an idea.”

The process, as Mr Dobbins calls it, is to take an image of something and write something relevant or not very relevant but sort-of funny, whatever, underneath it.

“When you have text above the image and a big finale under it, you know you’ve got a good one.”

While Instagram and Pinterest have grown his art form, the meme process still has Mr Dobbins seeking new stimulation.

“With the election I’m working on special memes about Bill Shorten, which is about my electricity bill, but I can’t give that away, and one with Malcolm Turnbull about nine-eleven being an inside job.”

While there’s plenty of work for Mr Dobbins ahead, he is also planning to print his memes onto A4 or larger paper and put on an exhibition at Dudley House, with some even in colour.

But what of the woman he sent his first meme to?

“She replied with her own meme of a stuffed olive and the caption You Can Go Get This.”

“We’re now married.”

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