Man Tries To Justify Looking At Dresses

By on October 13, 2016
PHOTO: Luke Morris.

The Maticevski exhibition in Bendigo stirred the interest of local David “Davo” Smith.

“Bloody interesting, I mean, nothing weird about it, I mean, it’s okay, strewth.”

Davo, 24, of Cal. Gully, went to the fashion exhibition alone.

“Mate, look, so, the lads didn’t want a come so, what, I just rocked up and got a ticket, no biggie, what’s the deal?”

Then he walked around the Bendigo Art Gallery’s Dark Wonderland display, peering at frocks of varying styles.

“Nar, there were no suits or nothing, I mean, like, there were some ballet outfits, not sure about them, all good, but, I mean, blokes are all good with strides it’s the women who dress better.”

He lingered at times.

“There was one, like, mate, I was thinking, like, it looked like a waterfall made of this dark fabric, and I looked at the description and yeah, it said it was intended to be like cascading water, bloody spot on there, three votes me.”

So this guy walked around looking at mannequins draped in fabrics and various stitched cloth.

“Hey man, Macca has his marinade lamb chops at lunch and Steveo gets this chi tea muck, dam, I can look at a couple of frocks if I want.”

Sure he can.

“Too right.”

Even if he was the only guy in the room.

“Freaking, I got that waterfall one, the stuff looked good, I mean, it was interesting to look at.”

Like a sculpture.

“Too right, spot-o, that’s the spirit, like a sculpture.”

Nothing wrong with that.

“Nothing, it was a good display, better than Marilyn for me.”

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