Advertising Over Estimates How Much People Care About Ink

By on November 5, 2018

“Looking at the sign you’d think she just got a blowjob,” said Granny Mae, 87, from Golden Square.

The woman on the Cartridge World sign looks like Macaulay Culkin from the Home Alone poster, except with a shocked face of happiness rather than the shock of finding out her family has deserted her and she’s going to have to battle two goofy criminals and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

“I mean sure, ink is so much more expensive than petrol, you’d think the ink was being farmed from organiclly grown squid that has been grain fed and massaged twice a day by Swedish robots, but it’s not,” said Ms Mae.

Yes, ink is not harvested by virgins during the full moon only if it is on a Wednesday, nor collected from mathematicians with Phd’s in physics, jet propulsion and Excell spreadsheet.

“It’s not cheap, but to save a few bob on a cartridge of ink, well, I wouldn’t carry on like a pork chop about it,” said Ms Mae.

Nope, can’t say ink has really floated anyone’s boat – though if that was possible it would be a murky and smelly sight – much more suited to a Macaulay Culkin type face of amazement.

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