Castlemaine Freedom of Speech Festival to Screen Controversial Documentary ‘The Nazi’s Were Right’

By on September 27, 2016
Not just taking the piss but inserting a catheter

The removal of anti-vaccination film, Vaxxed, from the Castlemaine Film Festival line-up has seen the emergence of the Castlemaine Freedom of Speech Festival.

“We just love freedom of speech and believe all voices need to be heard, and on the biggest platform we can offer,” said Festival director Imogen Bailey.

The move to show The Nazi’s Were Right, a documentary showing skinheads are people too, has angered many community and political leaders.

“Is a shame that freedom of speech in Australia is being stifled, and we are determined to not let this happen in Castlemaine.”

Along with the voice of skinheads, the festival is giving a platform to Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who’ll talk on how the Holocaust wasn’t real, and Julien Blanc, who’ll lead a workshop on how to bully and rape women.

“I agree it’s disgusting, but if the Australian government believe they can stop the spread of ideas by stopping the issuing of entry visas, well, we live in the era of Skype and broadband, and freedom of speech can not be stopped.”

A man in a tin foil hat will give a key note speech on Chemtrails, while an official from the Real Water for Health Society will discuss the effects of fluoride on the human body.

“It’s set to be very enlightening and informative, and if some ideas lead to ill-health and the death of babies then so be it.”

Other highlights will include talks and films such as:

Fucking Immigrants Fuck ’em (by Nigel Farage),

Brain Activity Within Two Weeks: Why Abortion is Evil (by John Preston),

The West Gate and Me: Tales of Assisted Suicide (by Karl Chandler),

9/11 Was An Inside Job (by Tommy Dassalo),

Artists Don’t Cure Disease or Help Anyone Really They All Suck On Oxygen And Give Nothing Useful Back And Poets Are The Worst (by Marcel Duchamp),

Marriage Is To Be Strictly Between a Man And A Woman (by Cory Bernardi) and

A Little Pesticide Never Hurt Anyone (by Alan Smithee).

We are so proud of this line-up coming to Castlemaine,” said Ms Bailey.

There will also be a panel of scientists chaired by Alan Jones, as he and other science experts discuss the importance of creationism, flat earth theory, and the aether.

“We’re still in talks with Lord Monckton to give a lecture on why climate change is a complete myth, but I can announce that Andrew Bolt is going to come and give a talk about, well, we don’t know what he’s going to talk about but we’re sure it’ll be fantastic freedom of speech and lacking in a bit of fact checking.”

For more on the rise of the Castlemaine Freedom of Speech Brigade see this link to an actual article, we’re not kidding:

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