Less Spew Outside Elmore Memorial Hall Than Expected

By on August 15, 2018

“I was expecting a lot more spew,” said a charmed tourist to Elmore.

Last night Orchestra Victoria continued its tour of towns-never-really-heard-of, allowing people not from around here to come, sit, listen, and be enchanted by their surrounds.

“It’s lovely to be here,” said someone paid to be there, and they really meant it.

Along with Heathcote, Goornong, Long Gully and Mia Mia, Elmore joins the list of towns with a wonderful hall, filled with charm and unique architecture, where the Orchestra will be playing.

“And despite what you hear, a lot less spew and deadbeats,” said old mate.

Yes, while the pub doors did swing slow and the locals turned in shock, like a scene in a Western, and there are more empty shop fronts than along Hargreaves Mall, there was a real warm honestly in Elmore.

“I guess it has more satisfaction and self-respect that residents of bigger towns like Melbourne pretend to have,” said old mate.

And so while there was no vomit last night, there was applause for Orchestra Victoria in Elmore.

For this list of free shows check out: https://australianballet.com.au/music/orchestra-victoria/whats-on/bendigo-festival


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