Man Jumps on Richmond Bandwagon As They’re Not As Crap Now

By on August 28, 2018
Jeff Gooden trashed a co-workers desk after richmond won the 2017 Grand Final

Local man Jeff Gooden announced on social media today he is now going for Richmond. “They used to be crap and now they’re not. I used to be a Carlton supporter back in the early 90’s. Now look where they are.”

Mr Gooden said he used to see his Richmond mates get bombarded with insults and Ninethmond jokes. He remembers the two times the Tigers made the finals in 28 years then get ritualistically slaughtered in the preliminary finals. “It used to be hilarious hanging crap on my Richmond mates at work. Look whose laughing now?”

Now Jeff is a die-hard Richmond Supporter. He admitted to only jumping on the bandwagon in the 4th quarter of last years Grand Final. He was so stoked with his new teams success he trashed the desk of his co-worker, a one-eyed Adelaide Crows supporter. The un-named man ended up quitting his job after finding his desk trashed with yellow and black streamers and balloons.

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