Man Changes Smoke Alarm Battery When Australia Changes Leadership

By on August 27, 2018

A man from Stawell in Western Victoria admitted he only changes his smoke alarm battery when Australia gains a new Prime Minister.

Gerald Fawkes said “Back in the 90’s I kept forgetting to change the battery during daylight savings. Now every time we get a new Prime Minister my smoke alarm goes off” he says. “One time I forgot to turn my stove off when Kevin Rudd was re-elected. I fell asleep watching the Election. Kevin Rudd saved my life. I think it was Kevin Rudd but it might of been Julia Gillard. Yeah, nah, it was definitely Kevin Rudd.”

A local inventor has cashed in on the craze by patenting a new smoke alarm that goes off every time a new Prime Minister is announced. The Prime Minister alarm is available from Bunnings and Home Hardware.

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