Eaglehawk Theatre Company to Present: Twelfth Night on the Piss

Housed in the dramatic arts building by the lake, Eaglehawk Theatre Company is fast becoming Greater Bendigo’s leading contingent of amateur thespians who haven’t been to Girton.

“We’re here to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into the limelight of life,” said Shelly Gumble, 24, of Eaglehawk.

To begin 2019 the ETC are setting their sights on William Shakespeare‘s much loved Twelfth Night on the Piss.

“It’s the wonderful story of twins who, shipwrecked on a coast, are separated and thus begin the task of finding each other, while finding love and a shed load of beer along the way,” said Miss Bumble. “Some might say too much beer. At least enough that they dress up in different clothes and have random sex.”

Auditions are open for roles including Viola, Sebastian, Mr Draws, Mrs Draws, the ship, and a rock.

“The rock has to be really jagged, so it looks believable for whoever plays the ship to get damaged by it,” said Miss Gumble.

People with bad teeth are encouraged to apply for the rock.

“I really want a hunk to play Mr Draws because I get my rocks off with him in three scenes and I don’t want to have to fake it with a fugly,” said Miss Gumble.

If you’re interested contact Doug, via Doug@ETC.com.au

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