Bible Story Hour Debuts at Bendigo Library With Godly Flair

Bendigo Library has launched “Bible Story Hour”. With an angelic ensemble, Bendigo’s churches have assembled to inspire and entertain local children.

Hosted by Sister Mary Glitter, children gather weekly to hear the good word. Bible Story Hour aims to teach life lessons, like turning water into wine or walking on water, without dampening anyone’s spirits.

“This is a fabulous way to unite the community,” said library spokesperson Angelica Seraphim. “We’re nurturing a love for both literature and the Lord.”

Each session features readings from the Bible with a shimmering twist. Attendees can expect to see Moses parting the Red Sea with a dazzling disco stick and Noah’s Ark transformed into a glittery cruise liner.

While some in the community have expressed concerns over the appropriateness of the event, others are excited to see their favourite Bible characters come to life. One enthusiastic parent shared, “I can’t wait to see Ms Jones as Eve, handing out apples and bookmarks!”

Despite the concerns, Bible Story Hour is here to stay, proving that even the holiest of books can sparkle in Bendigo.

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