Monday, March 25, 2019


World Safari 4 In Production

“What with Bear Grylls, Turtle Man, and Donald Trump rocking it in the reality TV world, I thought it was time,” said Australian-freaking-icon Alby Mangles. With the choke hazard that was dusting off the VHS camera complete, what plan does Alby have? “I'm going to...

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Beards of Bendigo

World renowned rock band The Beards are playing Bendigo on their farewell tour. In recognition of this honour, and in honour of beards in general, the Bendigo Standard has complied this list of great beards in Bendigo. Some of them are better than others. The...

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Spelling errors aside this "meme" is still terrible.

“It all started one afternoon,” recalls artist Dave Dobbins from his creative bungalow/home in California Gully. “I saw this science demonstration and they used liquid nitrogen, so I took a picture of the canister and added the line 'As Cold As Your Heart' and sent...

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Un-Aired Brady Bunch Episode Found

Today is an exciting day in the motion picture film industry! A young storage clerk/chemist Frank Timel located a unique film episode of the Brady Bunch. The episode reveals Jan Brady purchasing a pregnancy test to see if the hot time she had in Hawaii...

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The Real Jar Jar

George Lucas revealed the details of Star Wars 8 today. Called "Revenge of the Ewoks" George Lucas went into details how the movie is 10 years after The Force Awakens. The Bendigo Standard can reveal exclusively that Han Solo's ghost and Princess Leia are in...

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Police Academy 22: Out Of Retirement

Captain Harris and his crazy crew are bacl! This summer's most anticipated return of Police Academy 22: Out of Retirement, is the most  anticipated movie this summer. The story line has been a highly guarded secret of who will play some of the worlds most...

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Live 10 – The Sound Of Music

Beans and Greens may now be eaten without any repercussions.  The sound of music and the power behind it....well music is now being used to zone out or even drop flatulence.  Gas will now be the thing of the past....with money raised the doctors who...

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