Monday, March 25, 2019

Bendigo News

Bendigo To Host John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt Convention

Kennington resident Paul Lindell expressed his desire this week to become Bendigo's first professional lottery player. "I mean, there's professional poker players, there's professional punters, what's stopping me from becoming a pro Powerball player?" said Paul. "How hard can it be?" Attempts to inform Paul...

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Bendigo Man Eats Own Head

"Tastes like chicken," reported Megan Fox, translating for her husband Mark Fox, 24, from Strathfieldsaye. It started as a bet, as these things do, when on an end of season footy trip a teammate of Mark's at the Strathfieldsaye Jaguar Sharks challenged him to eat his...

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Hipster Crushed To Death By Own Man Bun

BREAKING: Paramedics are preparing to transport a man to hospital after reportedly being crushed by his own Man Bun The incident occurred at a Butte St property in North Bendigo a short time after 9:45am. A Bendigo Ambulance spokeswoman said paramedics received a call at...

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