Monday, March 25, 2019

National News

McDonald’s To Kill Off The McFlurry

Just like when Cathy Freeman called time on her career, Australia has had another of its shining stars retire - The McFlurry. McDonald's reported yesterday it called time on Australia's favourite treat. The dessert was originally a limited edition item. People have been losing their...

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Struggle To Sell Creepy Bookends

Tanya and Matt Richardson of Strathdale have been struggling to sell a pair of vintage bookends. Mr Richardson says, “They’re valuable and unique so I don’t know why we’re not getting any takers. I've had them on Gumtree for weeks. Nana always kept them sealed...

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Crisis As Hair Tie Found On Ground

“Someone’s getting nothing done today,” said the Bendigo Standard’s women’s matters expert, Simone Amohanga. Apparently a hair elastic is the most invaluable part of a women’s attire. “Her hair’s going to get in her face, and she won’t be able to exercise or use a...

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