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Bendigo Decides: How Do You Eat a Whole Lettuce

The people of Bendigo have spoken on the tough questions.



How long the Kangaroo Flat swimming pool should be.

Now it’s how to eat a head of lettuce.

The Apple Method Party have been vocal all day.

“However, on this night we have to concede to the Leaf by Leaf team,” said AMP spokesperson Frank Levie.

In a bigger upset than Brexit, Leaf by Leaf United have won the vote in Bendigo.

“Of course you eat it like peeling off a plate of chips,” said LbL member Susan Cos.

Others proposed…

“Knife and folk.” – Amanda Bulsson

“Cut out the heart.” – Dustin Bear

“You don’t make friends with salad” – Sean Munson

And, there was the absentee “Why do you ask?” response from Richard M Dixon… who the hell uses a middle initial on Facebook? A person that finds it hard to answer how to eat a lettuce, that’s who.

Watch for the next big topic, Which shoe do you put on first?

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