Eaglehawk Family Angry Only Yellow Zooper Doopers Are Left

An Eaglehawk family are outraged after discovering only yellow Zooper Doopers are left. The parents are questioning how the frozen sugar sticks ran out so quickly.

“I bought two packs last week ’cause they were on special, and now they’ve all gone,” said Mrs Moncrox, mother of six. “Who ate all the cola ones?”

Yellow ones are often considered the Andrew Tate of the Zooper Dooper world.

Her seven-year-old son wanted a red one but tried to tick him by insisting the yellow ones were like red. Her son chucked a tantrum when the news was broken to him. “I down’t Wike Yewow ones.”

Psychologists believe Zooper Dooper shock is becoming more common. Zooper Dooper Shock is caused by opening the freezer and discovering there are only crap ones left.

The Moncrox’s are so disgusted with the yellow Zooper Doopers that they try to give them away to the neighbour’s kids, but they don’t want them either.

Bendigo Police have put out a search warrant for all the missing Zooper Doopers.

The recent hot weather has seen Zooper Doopers’ stock price soar from $2.20 to $2500 in two weeks, making them more valuable than Bitcoin.

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