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Hoarder Cocktail Night Recipes: Hand Sanitizer And Cola, And More

Darling, shotting hand sanitizer straight from the bottle is for hoarders with less class than an ebay sales person who demands pick-up and cash only.

No, no, no.

We’re better than that.

Get yourself some out-of-date Kirks Cola or drain some Cola refills at Hungary Jacks into a jerrycan, then blend to your personal preference.

I like five squirts of Aquim hand sanitizer to every 100ml of soda stream cola mix that’s been lifted from an Apco.

If the classic cola base isn’t to your liking, double down with some hoarded mouth wash, or mix straight water with toothpaste for a minty flavour.

Be sure to have your hoarded face masks handy to help smother any regurgitation until you get used to the taste.


Travis Dong-Gangle, Bendigo Standard fashion reporter.

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