So yeah.

Do a double take.

It totally looks like Buddy is giving a middle finger on first look.

Giving a duel ‘Up yours’ to passing traffic, which totally makes sense.

Passing traffic can right get stuffed.

They should be stopping and having a chicken sub.

Love a fresh chicken sub from Buddy.

So good.

Mayo, fresh chicken and stuffing.


Sure, the sign up close looks like two thumbs, which in parts of Mexico is even worse than a single digit salute.

Did you know that in ancient Rome, gladiators would fight and the judge of a match would give a thumb up to denote that someone should die?

True story.

Many people think the thumb up is a symbol of good work, and staying alive, but that is not true.

The thumb up was to resemble a sword sticking in the air ready for use – aka kill, and a thumb tucked into the fist was to show a sword placed into its sheath and not to be used – aka live.

Movies changed the meaning because the thumb up looks more dramatic.

Anyway, the Buddy sign tots looks like it is telling everyone to bugger off.