Kid Declares There’s Nothing To Eat While Staring At A Full Fridge

A 5-year-old girl announced to her parents yesterday she was hungry but couldn’t find anything to eat.

The daughter of Keith and Sandra Discman from Strath Heights stood for 30 minutes yesterday staring at a full fridge.

“We spend $150 on groceries for the three of us but she still can’t find anything to eat,” Mrs Discman said.

There were over 10 options including Milky Way’s, chips, biscuits, fresh fruit, Zooper Doopers and more, but she was still undecided.

After 30 minutes of standing in the fridge, Mr Discman decided to ‘close the shop’ to prepare for dinner. This was the perfect time to remind his daughter that other kids are starving overseas even though she has never left Australia and its lockdown.

Mr and Mrs Discman were left wondering if their daughter has secretly started a keto diet at school.

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