Local Man Fired For Putting Communal Sauce In The Fridge

A local man has been fired after placing his workplace communal sauce in the fridge instead of the staff room cupboard.

Bob Jonstone was eating his usual Aldi Sausage Roll and placed the sauce in the fridge after seeing ants. Shortly after, a co-worker discovered the sauce in the fridge and made a complaint. Mr Jonstone was immediately fired.

His co-worker Barry said, “Of course it was him, did you see how much sauce was on that sausage roll?”

“I didn’t even get to finish my sausage roll,” Mr Jonstone said.

His boss denies there were any ants. “Bob’s a great employee and a hard worker but finding sauce in the fridge is unacceptable. It’s like finding out your best friend has married your mum.”

One of Bob’s co-workers said “This was the fifth time. When you get a pie from the bakery they don’t have sauce packets sitting in the fridge.”

Bob’s boss believe it was all about cost-saving measures “Tommy sauce doesn’t grow on trees you know.”

The sauce bottle could not be reached for comment.

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