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Local Man To Take Part In Eating In Bed Olympics

“Hmm, mmumm, yumm, mmur,” said Mitch Wong, 24, of Ironbark.

The need for sport has never been greater, and Mr Wong is headed to the world stage.

“Muum, jumrum, riim, grrum,” said Mr Wong.

Yes, there is more to eating in bed than just the eating, there’s placement, stacking, and speed.

“Jummp, guool, jummp, ah, um, um, crunk,” said Mr Wong.

Hard in training as he is, it has been great to hear these techniques as Mr Wong looks to move up a division from the Double to the Queen size.

“Humm, jummmp, yum, yum, yum, hot dog,” said Mr Wong.

All of Bendigo, and indeed Australia, will be behind our champion.

“Blurpb,” said Mr Wong.


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