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Local Sign Misunderstands the Meaning of the Word Hour

Spotted in Bendigo North, outside of the Cambrian Hotel, a sign was seen proclaiming Happy Hour between 3 and 6pm.

“Time is not a constant,” said local barman James Barnicsh, “As Einstein’s Theory of Relativity explains, time is relative to space, so that the faster you move through space, time slows down, therefore because of the heightened Good-times Dynamics within the Hotel, nurtured by fine drinks and stimulating conversation, while it may feel like only one hour has passed, in fact it has travelled from 3pm through to 6pm in the regular world.”

This means that time flies outside of the Hotel while you’re having fun?

“Yes,” said Mr Batnicsh.

And the Hotel is therefore like some form of Tardis, fixed on the corner of Arnold and Bannister Street, just up from the Bendigo Base.

“Yes,” said Mr Baryicsh.

Which equally suggests that the secret to long life is to live within the Cambrian Hotel walls.

“it’s true,” said Mr Barntcsh.

So in that sense, the wording of the sign is accurate.

“Yes,” said Mr Barnicst.


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