Locals call for larger portions at Lazy Moe’s

Locals have called for larger portion sizes at Lazy Moes.

An unnamed know-all and Bendigo Have Your Say regular said “I went to Lazy Moe’s last week and ordered a 600 gm rib-eye steak, three large Coke’s and a desert but it still wasn’t big enough. I put the whole thing away. It was bulls#!t my night was ruined. #falseadvertising.”

Local Eaglehawkian Wilfred Bone said, “My plates too small and my parma and chips take up all my plate real estate.”

Brian Graham, the author of ‘Think yourself thin’ said “In the 1950’s the average plate size was 25cm in diameter but hasn’t increased in size in almost 70 years. Food has become healthier now and there are fewer risks with consuming a 2 kg steak in the 2000s than there was in the ’50s.”

One person suggested doubling the plate size. “If I go to Lazy Moe’s for a special occasion, it really needs to be special. How much more special would your meal be, especially if it was served on a forklift?” he said. “Kids love forklifts. It’s special.”

“You need to make sure that there’s enough to bring home for your dog. My dog gets upset if I don’t bring him home leftovers. If my dog’s not happy, I’m not happy” said Gerald Sanders from Strath Heights.

“You want to leave there feeling like the Chestburster Alien in that movie Alien has destroyed your body. That’s what people want to pay for.”

“I’m 22, I can handle it, I’m a big boy,” said one person.

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