Overly Excited Local Man Won’t Shut Up About His Weber

A local man who bought his first Weber BBQ has expressed his excitement to his work colleagues, family and friends.

Callum Irwin from Epsom couldn’t wait to take photos of his ‘baby’, he accidentally put his steak on the grill too prematurely and snapped a photo before it had a chance to heat up. The photos were posted to social media.

Mr Irwin showed the photos to his work colleagues “Look at her she’s a little beauty. You guys should get one, they were on sale at Bunnings last week.”

He loves his grill so much he couldn’t help but announce it in the birth notices of The Bendigo Standard.

Not all news is good news though. His work colleagues have set up a swear jar system. Anytime he mentions the BBQ he has to give $2. “So far he’s up to $210. It’s not that we don’t care… actually we don’t” a workmate said.

Callum’s partner Shazza said, “This is the only time he cooks. He’s only got a photo of the grill in his wallet and none of the kids and me.”

Mr Irwin believes there’s a special relationship between men and their grills. He even hints it may be intimate. “I call my Weber Charlene after Kylie Minogue in Neighbours. I love Charlene and Charlene loves me. Just don’t tell the missus.”

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