Roast Chicken Too Big To Fit In Organics Bin

A Maiden Gully family bought a large roast chicken for dinner last night only to discover the chicken was too big to finish.

“We gave some to the dog and broke up the rest for lunch and dinner tomorrow night,” said Brian Grabbit. “We tried to turf the rest but it was too big for the organics bin. It just wouldn’t fit.”

The chicken weighing 10 kg was deceiving in size in the shop. “There’s only 3 of us. There’s enough here for a Mormon family.” Mr Grabbit said. “What am I supposed to do with all the leftovers? Have Christmas every day for the next ten years?”

“I don’t think it was even a chicken because you don’t find chickens that big in Bendigo. I think it was a turkey or a Churkey, half chicken half turkey.”

Scientists have called it the TV effect where a TV looks small in shops but you bring it home and it’s too big for your lounge.

Mr Grabbit asked to borrow his neighbour’s organics bin but it was too full. He confessed to The Bendigo Standard he regularly puts leftovers in his neighbours regular rubbish bin instead of his own green organics bin so he doesn’t get fined.

He is in the process of asking the council for a bigger 100-litre organics bin for the kitchen.

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