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Explosive Prince Harry Memoir Reveals He Was Conceived On One Tree Hill Lookout

In a bombshell revelation that has rocked the royal family, Prince Harry’s new memoir has exposed the truth about his conception: it took place on the famous One Tree Hill Lookout.

According to the memoir, Prince Harry’s parents, Charles and Diana, had been on a romantic stroll through the city when they stumbled upon the lookout. The stunning view and secluded location proved too much for the young couple, and they ended up consummating their love right there on the top of the lookout tower.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the royal family, with many questioning the legitimacy of Prince Harry’s claim to the throne. “We had no idea this was even a possibility,” said a palace spokesperson. “It’s a complete shock to us all.”

The Queen was said to be particularly disturbed by the revelation before passing away, as she had always been a strong advocate for the traditional methods of royal conception, such as arranged marriages and inbreeding.

Despite the controversy, Prince Harry stands by his story, saying in a statement, “I just wanted to set the record straight. My parents may have had an unconventional start, but that doesn’t change who I am.”

In response to the revelation, City Of Greater Bendigo has made plans to rename the One Tree Hill Lookout to Prince Harry’s Conception Point, and they are planning to put a statue of Prince Harry and his parents there.

The revelation has sparked debate on social media with many questioning the validity of the story, and others considering it a publicity stunt.

Prince Harry has not yet commented on this development

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