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Brendan Fraser Signs On For “Pre-Covid Man”

In the most exciting entertainment news since Nicolas Cage was announced to play Joe Exotic, Brendan Fraser is onboard for the eagerly awaited Pre-Covid Man.

“Oh Mr Fraser is very keen on the script by Pauly Shore, and looking to team-up again for a buddy romp movie,” said press agent Veronica Sharpe, 26, of Jackass Flat.

The movie is set in late 2020, featuring a man from the early 2020 coming out of a coma to find the world changed.

“There’s so much comic potential, like Pre-Cov Man will be happy to shake people’s hands and pay with cash and touch his face so much, like, so much. Pauly Shore really has written a great script,” said Ms Sharp.

With so many films put on hold lately this one looks set to revitalise the industry.

“We can expect a box office in the hundreds of thousands. Maybe even in the tens of hundreds and thousands. People are going to be that desperate to go out, we’re planning to knock anything together on the cheap. But the script is great. Pauly Shore is a genesis,” said Ms Sharpe.

Part of production is set to be filmed in Bendigo, the first part, were the world is unaffected by the virus, with Eaglehawk to be used for the rest of the post-apocalyptic after Covid setting.

“Pauly Shore has wanted to do a film here ever since seeing that thing on Street Talk. He feels he knows the people, and Mr Fraser lost a bet,” said Ms Sharpe.

Look out for Pre-Covid Man coming soon to cinemas near you…. or maybe just Netflix.

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