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Police Academy 22: Out Of Retirement

Captain Harris and his crazy crew are bacl! This summer’s most anticipated return of Police Academy 22: Out of Retirement, is the most  anticipated movie this summer.

The story line has been a highly guarded secret of who will play some of the worlds most craziest characters.  But my mate who we will call “Steve” (because thats his name) has downloaded the movie from the net.  Steve said “Every cast member has made a return as well as a handful of celebrities such as Madonna, Steve Urkel, and Bono”.

Steve says that they come out of retirement and defend their city from the forces of evil.  And the same old crap happens again. But if you are a hardcore fan then do you and your country a favour and download yourself a copy NOW! – Everyone else does!

Movie opens:
Next year, some time, at some place

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