As Bendigo is enduring another insane summer, a Kangaroo Flat man is annoyed his partner keeps sleeping under the blankets with the air on.

“Last night I got in trouble for turning the air off” said Frank Kalk.

He said to his partner “I’m not made of money. Do you wanna be under the blanket or want the air on? Are you too cold or too hot? Pick a side woman.”

Scientists have labelled it The Ballarat Effect where it always feels like a Ballarat winter in your bedroom even if it’s a 50-degree night.

Mr Kalk has taken the drastic step to mummify his wife before sleep by rolling her up in a thick Ikea blanket. “It’s basic thermodynamics” said Mr Kalk.

“I usually wait for her to fall asleep and then turn the air off but she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming why is it so hot?

This week is forecast to be 45 with thunderstorms. Flash flooding is also expected after all of Eaglehawk flushed their toilets at the same time.