Every day for the past 13 years, Max Johnson has been struggling with toilet issues. The father of 3 from Strath Heights told his wife he is sick of being told which room in their house is ok to poop in.

“All I want is the choice to decide. I don’t need anyone to tell me where to poo. I’m at the other end of the house and my wife will tell me to use the Ensuite instead of the main toilet” he said.

His wife Elsie said, “I hate the smell, it smells like Bendigo Creek. Sometimes he forgets to spray.”

How does Mr Johnson get around it? “Sometimes I lie and say I’m gonna pee. And she doesn’t care.”

“Guys always get the bad end of the stick. If the shoe was on the other foot women would get hysterical and the AFL would dedicate a round of footy to it” he said.