The notorious Bird Flu has taken another victim.

Shocked and shaken are only a few of the words that can only be used to describe the death of that lovable bird from the popular kids program Sesame Street Big Bird. The death of Big Bird has caused the cancellation of Sesame Street.

Mr Bird who died on the set at his home on Sesame Street early last week was found by his friend Mr Snuffleupagus or ‘Snuffy” for short.

Mr Snuff says “We were singing the alphabet song and Bird started coughing and started to shiver so he went to have a lay down, when I went in to bring him some bird seed sandwiches I found him on the ground next to his birds nest”.

Ernie says  “I was in the bathtub playing with my rubber ducky and all of a sudden I heard a scream. I jumped out and ran next door in my birthday suit to see what the noise was. I thought that some grouchy neighbour had fallen out of his trash can again”.

The funeral is expected to be early next week. According to another person in Sesame Street,  3 year old Elmo  says “Elmo and all his friends is going on the dole now… Elmo wants to sing the dole song… Dole, Dole, Dole.” Soon after the interview with Elmo , doctors escorted him away.

Big Bird’s funeral is planned for next week. But fans will be pleased to know that ABC Kids has planned a 48 hour ‘Elmo’s World’ marathon. It will be a great chance for fans young and old to re-live those classic episodes non-stop from Next Thursday 12am till Monday 12pm.