Lansell Square Replaces Chadstone As The Fashion Capital

Lansell Square in Kangaroo Flat has surprisingly declared itself as the new fashion capital, replacing Chadstone, the well-established fashion hub in Melbourne.

The shopping centre remains confident in its new title, claiming that its dated and outdated fashion sense makes it the latest fashion capital.

“We believe that the ’90s are back and better than ever,” said a spokesperson for Lansell Square. “And our fashion sense reflects this. Our shoppers can find a range of bright-coloured overalls, polo shirts and high-waisted jeans that will make a statement.”

The shopping centre also announced plans to host a fashion show showcasing its latest fashion line, consisting of denim jackets, trucker hats, and tie-dyed shirts.

“We are taking the fashion world by storm,” the spokesperson continued. “And we invite everyone to see why Lansell Square is the new fashion capital for themselves.”

However, many remain sceptical, with some fashion experts questioning how a shopping centre struggling to keep up with changing trends for decades could suddenly declare itself as the new fashion capital.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when a shopping centre needs to resort to making ridiculous claims just to get people through the door,” said a well-known fashion expert.

“Just wait and see, soon everyone will be copying our style,” the spokesperson said.

Until then, shoppers must decide whether to join the fashion revolution at Lansell Square or stick with Chadstone, the other fashion capital.

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