Sacred Heart Cathedral’s New Stained Glass Window: Jesus Wearing Ugg Boots

Bendigo’s Sacred Heart Cathedral unveiled its latest addition yesterday: a stunning stained glass window featuring Jesus Christ donning snug ugg boots.

The monumental artwork has sparked heated debate among locals, with many questioning the wardrobe choice for our beloved Saviour.

Cathedral spokesperson Sister Mary Something claims the footwear choice perfectly represents Bendigo’s laid-back charm and the church’s desire to modernize.

“It’s essential we keep up with the times,” said Sister Mary Something. “Ugg boots are as Australian as Vegemite and kangaroos, so why not embrace them?”

Critics, however, see it as blatant blasphemy. “I’m all for modernization, but this is sacrilege,” fumed local Irma Gerd.

Despite the backlash, tourists have flocked to the cathedral, eager to snap a photo with the cozy-footed Messiah. Ugg boot sales in the area have also skyrocketed as locals and visitors embrace this newfound divine fashion statement.

The cathedral plans to host an Ugg blessing ceremony this Sunday, inviting all to attend and bring their comfiest footwear.

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