Bendigo Mother Asks Son To Netflix And Chill

“I really want to bond with my son,” said Catherine Johnson, 47, of Bendigo.

In the hope of spending quality time with her son, Mrs Johnson suggested they ‘Netflix and Chill’ last week.

“He’s always having Susan over for chilling and Netflixing in his room, and I feel we should do exactly the same,” said Mrs Johnson.

Her son, Jason, is not so keen on the idea.

Jason said, “Umm, narr, like, that’s, I mean, narr, thanks Mum.”

But Mrs Johnson really wants to get him on the couch.

“He’s a beautiful boy and I want some one-on-one time with him,” said Mrs Johnson.

Jason said, “Yeah, look, that’s, I mean, try googling it, I mean, maybe don’t, I’m going over to Susan’s to, you know, Freeview and screw, I mean, shit.”

Mrs Johnson is currently planning to Foxtel and yell at her son when he gets home.

Jason is iViewing and pooing at the prospect.

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