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Jenny’s Early Learning Centre Maiden Gully Turns 15. “Why Are The Same Kids Still There?”

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre in Maiden Gully has just celebrated its 15th anniversary, leaving many parents and educators baffled as to why their children are still stuck there after all these years.

“I dropped my daughter off at Jenny’s 15 years ago, and she’s still there. She’s like 18 now” said one bewildered parent.

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre has defended its position, stating that it takes a “holistic approach” to learning.

Rumours are circulating that the centre has no plans to release the children anytime soon. Some parents have reported seeing their children wearing tiny staff uniforms and performing basic administrative tasks.

“It’s like they’re brainwashing them,” said one concerned parent. “I mean, my son can’t even tie his own shoes, but he can file paperwork like a pro.”

For now, older teenagers remain in Jenny’s care, happily playing with blocks and finger paints while their parents anxiously wonder if they’ll ever see their children again.

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