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Marketplace Offers ‘Insensitive’ Santa For Kids On His Naughty List

Until Christmas Eve Insensitive Santa, specializing in Central Victoria’s worst children, will appear at the Marketplace. He plans to punish those kids on his naughty list with his belt or bundle of birch sticks.

Insensitive Santa comes from a military background and spent 20 years serving overseas.

“There are no photos or gifts except coal,” one of his helpers told The Bendigo Standard. “Insensitive Santa comes from a time where you would get the cane at school and send your kids to bed without any supper.”

“Last Christmas in Bendigo a couple of kids were so naughty and disrespectful their parents cancelled Christmas,” another helper said.

Last years Insensitive Santa visit changed the behaviour of at least 30 children.

“Every child, regardless of how naughty they’ve been, deserves the same opportunity to visit Santa and feel connected during the holiday,” said a John Rolls from the Marketplace.

Each child will receive a lump of coal from Saint Nick himself.

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