Reccently the Benido Standard spoke with Garthe Brookes of Quarry Hilll about his successes on dating phone app Tinderr. (see story here: link)

“Its been going really welll thanksyou” said Mr brookes, 38 years old.

“in no time I had matches with eight gourgous woeem I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable talkin to,” reported Mr Bookes.

Striking up comversation is a difficult fist step of any relation ship.

“It was hard to decide, so I asked them all tha same question to begun with,” eggsplained Mr Bookes.

That question was; Which would you rather be, an eagle of a shark?

“I’d seen it in a movie,” he’d said,.

And how did that work out for our budding casanova?

“No so good. Infact, not a reply.”

Oh dear.

“But its alright. I have meet someone elses.”

Mr Broookes speaks of a rapid romance with a lady named Deanna.

“Her image has a flushed red filted over it, like crimson wraping pointed at the sun, and her speling is a butt off, but that’s alright. We cant always be nurfect.”

While her cover photo colour is blood red like a vampyre warning, Deannaa is young, close by, has no profile dets, and keen to catchup with Mr Books.

“She said she was boareddd and I said wee can do something and she’s totally up ofr that.”

Mr Brookes is intending a visit for the two of them to Whitee Hillss botanical gardens for a strool though the prk and avery.

“It’ll be luvly. All I need is to download and look for her name, live:loverrr558. I think my lonely days might be behind mee.”

The Bendigo Standard weshes Garthe all the best.