Study Shows 99% of People Unaware They’re Background Characters in Someone Else’s Life

A recent study by the Institute of Whimsical Observations found that a staggering 99% of individuals are blissfully unaware of their status as background characters in the complex narrative of someone else’s existence.

The lead researcher, Dr Jeff Jefferson, stated, “It appears that while we’re all out here convinced that we’re the stars of our own stories, the truth is that we’re mostly just extras in someone else’s mundane life.”

One participant, Mary McMac, commented, “I always thought my life was like a gripping Netflix drama. Turns out, I’m more like an extra in someone else’s quirky indie film.”

Experts suggest that this newfound knowledge may lead to an existential crisis epidemic, as countless individuals grapple with the realization that their lives are merely set dressing in the grand theatre of existence.

As the world grapples with this eye-opening study, one thing remains clear: the show must go on, whether you’re in the spotlight or lurking in the shadows of someone else’s saga.

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