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Un-Aired Brady Bunch Episode Found

Today is an exciting day in the motion picture film industry! A young storage clerk/chemist Frank Timel located a unique film episode of the Brady Bunch.

The episode reveals Jan Brady purchasing a pregnancy test to see if the hot time she had in Hawaii with George Glass really proved eventful.

Jan is not sure how her folks would feel about it since her brother Greg is now on American idol trying to beat Marsha. Peter is going to be joining Green Peace to save the endangered three toed sloth!

Cindy and Bobby decide that they are adopted and find romance they never knew existed. Alice marries Sam but they find themselves involved in a Swinger’s group…which seems to keep them happy!

Carol and Mike join an Amish community and adopt a child from the television ad Feed the Children. Cousin Oliver is a motivational speaker on late night T.V. Tiger meets his mate and has twelve puppies.

Jan thinks perhaps she will tell the family she’s pregnant during the Very Brady Christmas Special when all of the family is home. Jan is happy in one regard that her dad is an Architect….so he could perhaps design a baby room.

The clerk/chemist Frank Timel was looking for his personalised invention ingredients for “Low-Fat” Diet Viagra which is about to hit stores….when he came across an unmarked Brady Bunch episode. Mr. Timel hit a all time high which in the medical world of Viagra is pretty high!

The adults only version of The Brady Bunch airs next Wednesday night on Channel Ten.

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