Bendigo Tourism Sells Out Of Genuine Bendigo Creek Scented Candles In 30 Minutes

Bendigo Tourist Centre announced today that they sold out of the Bendigo Creek scented candles.

Bougies De Merde has been a hit with tourists wanting to take a little piece of Bendigo home with them. “We started with 500 candles this morning and they all sold out within 30 minutes,” said Bendigo Tourism.

The tourism centre has compared the hype of Bougies De Merde to an iPhone launch. “It was crazy, we had 20 people camped on the tourist centre’s steps overnight to make sure they were the first to get their hands on Bougies De Merde,” a spokesperson said.

Mary Rush was the first person in Bendigo to get her hands on the candle. “The Wiseman gave frankincense and myrrh, I have the next best thing,” Mrs Rush said.

George Funk said, “My partners birthday is coming up, she has been pestering me for one.”

Bendigo Creek can be best be described as a cross between a wet dog and Sex Panther from the movie Anchorman.

Bougies De Merde Creator, Oceane DeFleur said: “Tourists love coming to Bendigo. We wanted to take the heritage and charm of this amazing city and put it in a $400 candle. We approached Lynx but they are only interested in recreating the smell of a 14-year-old boys room.”

Scientists have long believed in the health benefits of Bendigo Creek water. During the gold rush, miners used the water to help relieve back pains and nausea. Miners discovered it to also be an aphrodisiac which explained the population boom at the end of the 1800s.

Bendigo Tourism said another run of Bougies De Merde will go on sale again later this year.

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