Bendigonians Successfully Steal Sydney Opera House, Claim “Finders Keepers”

In an astonishing display of hometown pride and cunning, a group of Bendigo residents have somehow managed to steal the iconic Sydney Opera House and relocate it to the QEO, claiming ‘Finders Keepers’.

Under cover of darkness, the theft involved a ragtag team of Bendigonians, including a yoga instructor with uncanny flexibility, a gym junkie, and a local fish and chips shop owner with a penchant for conspiracy theories. The group reportedly spent months planning the caper, fueled by the belief that Bendigo deserved its world-famous landmark.

Local gold prospector Captain Goldrush, the mastermind behind the plan, stated, “It’s high time Bendigo had something iconic to call our own. Sydney’s got the harbour, Melbourne’s got the trams – we deserve a piece of the pie.”

When questioned about the logistics of relocating such a massive structure, Captain Goldrush remained tight-lipped, merely suggesting that Bendigonians “never underestimate the power of a few dedicated locals and a couple of well-trained kangaroos.”

When asked how they managed to lift and transport the 160,000-ton building over 800 kilometres, Captain Goldrush coyly responded, “A little elbow grease and a whole lot of Bendigo spirit.”

Meanwhile, Sydney officials scrambled to determine their next steps, with one anonymous source revealing, “We’re honestly just impressed. They can keep it since they figured out how to steal it.”

In the meantime, Bendigonians have already begun incorporating the Sydney Opera House into their daily lives, with local groups and schools vying for performance slots and a movement to rebrand Bendigo as The City of Sails.

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