Breaking! Dog Shit Can Go In The Organics Bin

Bewildered residents recently stumbled upon the mind-boggling concept that dog crap can go in the organics bin, which is commonly used for food scraps.

Expressing profound shock, one local reportedly questioned whether they had been unknowingly harbouring a potential Michelin-starred meal right in his backyard.

Neighbours are equally astounded by the culinary discovery, with one commenting, “Who knew that Fido’s daily deposits could be the secret ingredient we’ve all been missing in our compost recipes? It’s like a fine wine – you must let it age properly in the organics bin.”

Local grocery stores are now considering a dedicated aisle for dog poo, complete with elegant packaging and a fancy name like “Canine Culinary Compost.” Foodies everywhere are speculated to embrace this newfound delicacy, potentially launching a trend of doggy nuggets becoming the next big foodie fad.

As the community grapples with the gastronomic implications of this discovery, one thing is sure – the local organics bin has never been more avant-garde.

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