Cat Awakens From 2004 Christmas Food Coma

A local cat who fell into a food coma on Christmas Day 2004 has finally woken up.

Mr Fuzzybuns from Long Gully fell asleep on his favourite bed shortly after eating his Christmas lunch in 2004. His family were unable to wake him up. He was taken to a local vet where he had been laying for the past 15 years until today.

“The last thing he said before he passed out was “Meow, meow meow which I think means I’m glad I wore my stretchy pants” said 85-year-old Mrs McCrutchy who lives with 19 other cats.

Vets suggested for Mrs McCrutchy’s friends and family help Mr Fuzzybuns believe it was still 2004. “The shock of Donald Trump as President would be too much for Mr Fuzzybuns” Mrs McCrutchy.

Mrs McCrutchy has told her friends and family to use a Nokia 3315 or Razr Flip Phone until she decides to tell Mr Fuzzybuns what year it actually is. They also decided to avoid the Napier st upgrade and Hargreaves Mall which has changed since 2004.

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