Close Talker Struggles With 1.5m Rule

Travis Buckhead, 27, Golden Square, works on a local job site as a sparky.

“It’s a pretty good job you know,” said Mr Buckhead, as the Bendigo Standard reporter backed away towards the fence line.

Mr Buckhead is a close talker, who has never picked up on the fact his actions annoy others before.

“I mean they’d say, ‘Ease off mate,’ a few times but I thought they meant I was just too excited about the job, you know, and I am pretty excited about the job, you know,” said Mr Buckhead, as the Bendigo Standard reporter dodged under a tree branch to continue their retreat.

So far Mr Buckhead has avoided job site eviction with thanks to his co-workers’ creativity.

“Old mate Woody the chippy, we call him Woody but his name’s Chris, he has made a plank of wood that’s 1.5m that he pokes me with to remind me, you know, and Toby the plumber, we call him Woosh, you know, has a length of PVC pipe to talk to me through, you know, but it’s my customers I’m worried about, you know, they don’t know how to protect themselves, you know, and I’ve never tired to stop before,” said Mr Buckhead, as the Bendigo Standard reported hurdled a bush, and a fence, and then stood on top of a car.

Luckily the lads on the job site have ebayed a solution, due to arrive in 2-10 days.

“They’ve got an 1800s hoop skirt, you know, the type that women wore with bonnets and had to hold up to curtsy, you know, they reckon that might help remind me to keep some social distance, you know,” said Mr Buckhead, as he climbed onto the car with the Bendigo Standard reporter, who then jumped off into the street, called the interview to an end, weaved around a passing truck and then sprinted to the safety of a supermarket.

The End.

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