Ironbark Definitely a Place, says “Ironbark” Resident

“It’s not just a suburb of Long Gully,” said Matt McKay, 47, Ironbark aka Long Gully resident.

According to Australia Post – they’re the mob that print out emails and fold them into small pockets and deliver them to your door and not via computer, that’s for sure, Ironbark is postcode 3550 – a postcode is like an ip address but I’m not really sure what an ip address is so that analogy ends there.

“If Sailors Gully can be a place then so is Ironbark,” said Mr McKay.

But where Sailors Gully has its own postcode, “Ironbark” does not.

“We have our own culture, not like those Long Gully people, we’re different,” said Mr McKay.

Sure, in Ironbark they used to have the fancy Goldmines pub with its la di da beers and stand-up comedy and music, you know, culture, but all that is gone folks.

“We have our own language. Over there they say “Get ya farking hands off mi ya kunt” and words of that nature, which we would not say in Ironbark,” said Mr McKay.

Seems a bit harsh.

“We also have a coat of arms,” said Mr McKay.

Prove it, said the Bendigo Standard.

“See,” said Mr McKay and held up his coat, at which point it became obvious that the tassels were little fingers and the sheep skin pattern had more of a Silence of the Lambs feel to it.


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