Kangaroo Flat Man Has Zero Idea About Napier St Roadworks

“Yeah the road is fine,” said Guy Montgomery, 34, of Kangaroo Flat.

Driving to Bendigo is very easy for people in Bendigo’s south, east, west, north-east, north-west, and north-south (aka centre).

“I don’t even know where Napier St is,” said Mr Montgomery.

Napier St is somewhere north of Bendigo and apparently has some roadworks.

“Roadworks help the traffic, don’t they, so that all sounds good for them,” said Mr Montgomery.

Main St in Kangaroo Flat or K-Flat as some call it, others call it Kanga Flat but they’re teenagers and teenagers don’t know anything, anyway, Main St is a pretty good road.

“There’s a slow point near the school as you pass the KFC, which some people think is the best KFC in Bendigo, but apart from that, and apart from the people who struggle with the IGA entry and exit… hang on why do they have a KFC opposite a school? Isn’t that a little poor form considering obesity in Australia? Who ok’d that license? Anyway, the road is fine here, yeah,” said Mr Montgomery.

Is the K-Town KFC the best KFC in Bendigo. Have your say in the comment section.

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