Kangaroo Flat Residents Demand More Pedestrian Lights Across High Street

Residents are demanding more road crossing options in the Kangaroo Flat CBD.

Concerned Kangaroo Flatian Rebecca Wright said “Current lights are OK to get from Commonwealth Bank to the Kangaroo Flat Hotel, but how are we supposed to go from Domino’s to the Windermere?”

Nick Mouthbreather said “If I want to get from the Post office to the Woks ‘n’ Dumplings I have to either walk to the current pedestrian lights, or go to the Lockwood road traffic lights. It’s a hard decision” he said. “Both options mean walking three times further than necessary, and can be quite exhausting.”

“If possible we would also like to see more crossing options at KFC and IGA” said Steve Dunn. “I almost got killed crossing the road to KFC. My Ultimate Burger Box almost cost me my life.”

Proposed pedestrian crossings are highlighted in red
Proposed pedestrian crossings are highlighted in red

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