Local Man Unable to Return Movies To Roundabout Video

A local man returned from New Zealand after 10 years and tried to return some weekly movies he forgot about to Roundabout Video. He discovered to his shock and disgust it was replaced with a JB Hi-Fi.

He rushed to JB Hi-Fi and handed over the 5 weekly movies on VHS to a staff member but they had no idea what the ancient objects were. The weekly’s he tried to return were Ernest Goes To Camp, Ernest Goes To Jail, Ernest Saves Christmas, Slam Dunk Ernest and Ghostbusters 2.

The staff member requested assistance from another staff member but they had not see a VHS tape before either. That un-named staff member requested assistance from 20 other staff on duty but were unable to help either.

The movies were part of a deal where a customer could hire 5 movies for $10 with the promise of returning them a week later. This is how people pre-2010 saw movies in their home as they were to cheap to buy them brand new.

Mr Roberts discovered via a debt collectors letter that the late fee incurred was $30. As he was unable to return the movies, he purchased 2 movies for $30 so he didn’t feel so guilty. The movies were Ghostbusters and Ernest Goes To Africa.

Mr Roberts said it was an Ernest mistake.

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