Local Wonders How Many $%&#ing Servos White Hills Needs

“We’ve now got four service stations within 500 metres. It looks bloody ridiculous.” Epsom resident Bob Gobb said. “How many times a week do they think I’m going to fill up?”

Bendigo Council announced plans for ten more service stations along Midland Highway and White Hills this year. This includes another Mobil on McDonald’s right side to compliment the new Mobil on the left side and an unnamed Bendigo councillor’s OCD.

Some locals believe it’s a good thing for the community. “It’s great. It’s just like reruns of The Big Bang Theory. When you miss one another comes along two seconds later” Joanne Jefferson told The Bendigo Standard.

“At least I won’t forget to stop now,” Jack Johnson-Johansson said.

Epsonian resident Mark Water-Bottle said, “Do you know how hard it is to find a service station in White Hills when you don’t use Google maps?”

Local Tesla enthusiast Joe Greenie said “I’ve been to a service station before. I didn’t care for it.”

“I use the charging station at Strath Village while I shop at Woolies. Ever tried to do a weeks shop at BP? A human can only handle so many service station dimmies and pies” Mr Greenie said.

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