Stray Birthday Balloons Causes Airport Kaos

Stray balloons from a first birthday have caused a flight delay at Bendigo Airport.

The parents of 1-year-old Sassy said, “One of the guests thought it would be funny to let go of our Sesame Street balloons. Do you know how much those things cost?” The family have blacklisted the guest from all other birthdays.

One passenger was delayed for approximately 2 hours.

“We wanted to make sure the balloons weren’t going to get tangled in the propellers of the Spruce Moose,” said Captain Dong.

“I was running late for my flight to Sydney anyway. The traffic to the Bendigo Airport is absolute hell,” said passenger Bob Frank.

“Safety is paramount,” Captain Dong told The Bendigo Standard. “The last thing we want is for kids to be scarred for life after catching a glimpse of Elmo or Cookie Monster being shredded by the propellers.”

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