Top 5 Free Carparks Around Bendigo CBD. Number Four Will Amaze You

Are you keen to buy a baked potato from Hargraves Mall but don’t want to fork out the extra change just to get a possie close enough to keep the spud warm on the trip back to the car?

Here are our best parking spots, in no particular order, that won’t have you swearing at a parking inspector.

1) Coles car park, upper deck, near the stairs: You could get all day here, and frankly plenty do, but totally like 50% don’t buy anything at the supermarket and park here anyway. Odd how Coles reckon free parking is important for business but the council don’t seem to agree.

2) Queen St Cinema area: Ok so you got to walk a few blocks but those four hour time zones are pretty good, as if that’s all the time it takes to play the arcade, order popcorn, watch a movie, snog in the back row, and sneak into a second film.

3) Central Deborah Goldmine: Tourists do nothing for this town, except keep that tram afloat and keep asking where Marilyn is, so why not clog up the all day spots around there? Especially since the parking around the Cathedral has gotten worse.

4) Bendigo Creek: You can drive down into the creek area from near that bridge in Golden Square, then park up near Macca’s, bring a ladder to climb out of the trench, do a spot of shopping at Mimi, and reverse back out. What’s stopping you?

5) That alleyway next to the old Toy World building: because, like, nothing happens down there. You could park there and people will just assume you’ve got some legit business to do and leave you be. Probably. Maybe. Look it’s worth a shot. It’s not as crazy as driving down Bendigo Creek and you were thinking about doing that, weren’t you?

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