‘Long live the King’. Local woman can’t wait to see Mufasa die in live Lion King remake

A local woman has expressed her excitement for the new Lion King remake.

Cindy Spring from Epsom said “I was 7 the first time I saw it. The new trailer has me in the feels. I can’t wait to see Mufasa die with my 3 kids. It’s gonna look epic. Sure, I may have to take them to councilling afterwards, but it will be totally worth it.”

Kangaroo Flatian Larry McGee said “I was gonna get emotional about Mufasa dying but I’m not a woose. I’ll be fine. No comment.”

Most locals believe it will make a David Attenborough documentary look like a Sunday school picnic.

“Hakuna Matata Mofo’s,” John Kabana from Long Gully said.

The new Lion King reboot will be released in July, 5 years before the Napier Street road works are due to be completed.


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